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Nylon Binding Tape Made Of Ul Approved Nylon 66 Material Injection
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      Nylon cable tie with UL approved nylon 66 (Nylon 66) made of plastic materials, fireproof grade 94V-2, has good acid, corrosion, insulation, aging is not easy, strong bearing capacity. The operating temperature is -20 ℃ to +80 ℃ (ordinary nylon 66). Widely used in the internal electronic factory, bundling TV, computer cable, lighting, electrical, electronic toys and other products in the fixed line, mechanical equipment of oil pipeline is fixed, fixedcable lines on the ship, bicycle or vehicle packing bundling other objects, can also be used in agriculture, horticulture, handicrafts and other bundled items. This product has the binding fast, good insulation, self-locking ban solid, easy to use etc. 

      Nylon cable ties tied Gu think means something of the tape, only the back design features (slipknot type except), only more and more tightly tied, also has a detachable cable tie (slipknot). 

      Also known as: tie, tie wire, strip, wire binding belt. 

      Nylon belt is divided into: self-locking nylon cable ties, signs of nylon cable ties, slipknot nylon cable ties, tamper (seal) nylon cable ties, fixed head nylon cable ties, signs, nylon Zhadai, bolt (the head) nylon cable ties, the micropyle nylon belt, nylon belt, fishbone weathering nylon belt etc.

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